Hello Roadside Bloom Shoppers! Due to the current demand of our Elderberry Syrup, we are giving our customers the option to reserve their bottles online for curbside pick up! Stock is very limited so act quickly. New to the Elderberry Syrup family? See just a few reasons why we love our product so dearly below! The POWER of Elderberries Elderberry Syrup is an immune system boosting syrup made with the purest ingredients from nature, including local raw honey (never pasteurized or heated), organic black elderberries, organic fresh ginger root, organic cinnamon sticks, and organic whole cloves. This syrup is packed with antioxidents and some experts say it can help prevent and/or ease cold or flu like symptoms. (Unlike other elderberry syrups on the market, The POE is produced with NO preservatives, NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, NO concentrates, NO refined sugar, NO high fructose corn syrup and NO gelatin.) Curbside pickup or delivery. We are offering two bottle sizes 10 oz or 16 oz. 

Elderberry Syrup (Limited Quantity Available)


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