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Toni Reale founded Roadside Blooms with a story to tell and a mission to share, believing that beauty and sustainability don’t just co-exist, they work in concert. With over 10 years of experience in the event-planning and floral-design industries, Toni’s many adventures have led her to this chapter (ask her about the time she converted a 1971 British ice cream truck into a mobile flower shop; or about her Environmental Geology background).


A leader of Charleston’s “green and local” movement, Toni has served on various nonprofit boards, including the Charleston Green Fair, and has been recognized as one of Charlie magazine’s "50 Most Progressive" in Charleston in 2014.

She's always dreaming up something new for clients, fellow florists, and her team.  Toni is a leader in and passionate about the local and American grown flower movement doing all she can to elevate the cause. 


The two most rewarding things about Roadside Blooms are working with clients that appreciate a creative approach to design and her team! It takes a village to run a successful small business and Toni feels very lucky to have her incredibly talented, passionate, and dedicated team by her side to design, dream and laugh with. 

When she's not flowering, she's playing (wrangling) her two sons Brooks and Sagan or chatting with her husband Adam on how to make our community an even better place.  

Founding Floral Designer 

Toni Reale

CEO, Lead Designer & Creative Director

Kristina Wildes

Lead Floral Designer

Gabby Lane

Shop Manager &Curator

Kelsey Bacon

Assistant Designer & Plant Maven

Sprouted From:
Sunny San Luis Obispo, California


Above most things - I love to host! Growing up, my father was adamant about gathering family around the table and taking the time to share about our days. I love how simple, yet impactful, sharing a meal with someone can be, and I am grateful for how it promotes and fosters community. 


When I am not hosting, you can find me playing and writing music, arranging a coffee date with a friend, or spending time with my husband and sweet pup!

What you love best about Roadside:
One of the things I value most about working at Roadside blooms is how it not only provides a safe, creative, and inviting space for its customers, but also for its employees.  I am grateful that there are no limits on creativity and that we are always encouraged to grow personally and professionally.  All of our passions, work-based or not, are equally supported which leads to an ever-learning environment where every team member has something unique to offer. 

Favorite Bloom:
Annabelle Hydrangea

Sprouted From: 

Charleston, South Carolina



For almost ten years now, I’ve accumulated a plant collection. It first started with a Kalanchoe succulent and my plant love (obsession) began. I love being around them, watching them grow, and seeing the joy they give to others. They are my stress reliever and simply make me happy!


What you love best about Roadside: 

One thing I never get tired of is seeing a person’s first step into the shop. They take a deep breath and take it all in. I don’t think they even know that they are doing it. Roadside Blooms is special, welcoming, unique, safe, and community-focused. I love that I’m a part of something that brings people joy on an ordinary day, a hard day, the big day, and everything in between.


Favorite Bloom:

My favorite flower is constantly changing but currently it’s the Chocolate Cosmos. I love the color and how it dances. 

Sprouted From:
Birmingham, Alabama


As a child in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, I developed a fondness for the arts, especially the floral world through the eyes of my mother.  I moved to Charleston in 1998 to attend College of Charleston, graduating with a degree in elementary education.  My greatest love is being the mother of two delightful children, Kai and Nora, and wife to Chris.  We live and play on Johns Island.  Life is full with lots of good food and music to keep us moving.  


What you love best about Roadside:

I love Roadside Blooms for the whole approach to fresh, local, and seasonal products.  We offer a unique experience for our clients for most any occasion, especially when it comes to their wedding day.  Meeting new people and helping create their vision is one of my favorite aspects of the process!


Favorite Bloom:

My favorite flower is a lady slipper orchid, maybe a daffodil, definitely a king protea...too many to name just one!  

Jessica Smith

Operations Manager &

Business Consultant

Bio coming soon



We speak the language of flowers and believe every petal, leaf, and twig has a story. Each stem organically influences the direction of our designs and reflects the beauty of local, seasonal flora while embodying the beauty of our surrounding natural world.


At Roadside Blooms, we are committed to using American-grown flowers and foraged elements. It’s an important part of our team’s story, and we take great pride in it. Our arrangements prove that sustainability and style aren’t mutually exclusive, all while elevating the grandest of galas or the simplest of ceremonies.

Roadside Blooms

4610 Spruill Ave. Suite 102

North Charleston, SC  29405